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Our    AGILE    Workflow

Agile is an approach to project management used by Fortune 500s (Google, Facebook, Adobe…) It assists teams in faster-finalizing and responding to the unpredictability of projects. It uses iterative work sequences known as sprints.

Trusting your projects to a Creative Agency that uses the Agile Methodology, means you will get a faster Return on your investment. That is because the Agile Methodology delivers projects a lot faster than other methods. 

In that model, all of the activities involved in the completion of a specific project are organized in a Sprint Backlog and the first tasks are delegated to the point persons in the Agile Teams. The teams meet daily for quick updates on their sprints and as soon as a sprint is completed it goes into review and the team picks up the next sprint quickly.


Our first step with any and all of our projects is researching and empathizing with the project and with the needs of the final user.


Next we brainstorm… We explore and prototype the creative options and strategies tailored specifically with your project in mind .


Then our team gets to implement and test the strategies. Once all is approved and delivered, we then start a new project.

When developing a project without the Agile Methodology, The team, looks at the project as a whole and attacks all of it at once.

The problem with that is that it gets very easy to miss details and various times the project manager has to go back to the project scope and make changes that delay the delivery of the project.

When using Agile, we focus on one task at a time, and focus on getting that task done and out of the way. That makes it faster and more organized.  

A project that used to take us 3-5 weeks to complete, can now be completed in just a few days! 

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